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Motivational/Keynote Speaking

Runtime: Typically 45 - 60mins (per client request)

Number of Guests: Intimate or Company-wide

Audience: Corporate or College

Cost: $2500 plus hotel

Staging: Stage is recommended but not required

Tech Specs: Projector/TVs, Wireless Hands-free mic or handheld at a podium

Josh Farley’s keynote speeches tend to follow a standard format and enhanced with both magic from his stage show and a ‘teach-a-trick’ workshop (up to 100 guests). Prior to booking, Josh prides himself on meeting with potential clients prior to booking to ensure he is a great fit. Josh Farley’s talks are fun, educational, and motivating. Josh is not just a successful magician but during COVID, he pivoted to a mid-level position in cybersecurity and IT for a financial company with over $4B AUM. After two years, he accepted a position as Director of BD, maintaining a relationship with the financial company as a contractor, and still managed working large entertainment contracts as COVID restrictions were lifting. If you’re looking for a niche-subject matter expert, Josh is not your guy. If you’re looking for someone to inspire your employees to think differently, work hard, and inspire attendees to be a light in your organization you’ll be happy you booked Josh Farley. Josh is FUN, and the perfect example of taking so many cliche business-ideals and life lessons alike; and implementing them in a meaningful way. As a young entrepreneur, Josh Farley has built his own CRM, an admin developer in G-Suite, well-versed in project management, financial growth, and building a successful brand from the ground up. If you’re looking for something DIFFERENT than your average motivational speaker, sales, or project management trainer, Josh Farley is the perfect speaker for your next event.


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